A Matter of Balance

We've got a whole new approach to managing our residents' risk of falls.

Certified in the exciting new program called "A Matter of Balance," Katie Blanchard, our Director of Programs, is offering a terrific exercise program for residents. Designed to strengthen muscles and improve coordination, Youville has noted a significant decline in falls since beginning the program.

Falls are the number one health hazard for seniors. Even in an assisted living residence, many seniors are  at risk for falls. Why? As we age, our natural, built-in sense of balance, begins to change. We can become less certain on our feet, and from time to time, lose our balance and literally fall over. Tripping is another way seniors can fall. Aside from losing their balance, uneven walking surfaces, or loose ground material can be very dangerous.

A Matter of Balance shares tips and resources with seniors that actually reduce their risk for falling.  For more information about the program, or to find out more about Youville exercise programs visit us on our web site or contact Katie Blanchard, Director of Programs.