A Musician is Amongst Us

Publications coordinator and part-time receptionist Adam Johnson recently demonstrated his musical talents for Youville House residents at the weekly Wednesday afternoon happy hour. Equipped with a mandolin, harmonica and his own voice, the habitually modest publications coordinator let loose with renditions of old time classics.  His set list included popular songs from Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Stephen Foster and Woody Guthrie. He also performed a variety of instrumentals on the mandolin, demonstrating the wide-ranging versatility of the instrument. These selections ranged from old-time bluegrass tunes to Bach’s sonatas for solo violin. “The mandolin is tuned exactly like a violin, in intervals of fifths,” he explained to the residents, “so it is well-suited for most violin pieces.”

Originally a guitarist, he could not resist bringing out the guitar for a Beatles song – “Here Comes The Sun” –   to celebrate the arrival of spring.