Welcoming Our New Director of Wellness

Kathryn Carlino, RN, Director of Wellness - Youville PlaceLast month, Kathryn Carlino became the new Director of Wellness at Youville Place. In her short time here she been busy getting to know residents, families and colleagues at Youville. Now is our chance to get to know more about her!
Originally from Dedham, Massachusetts, Carlino earned her Nursing degree from Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Boston. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Carlino joined the Covenant Health family in 2013, with St. Joseph Home Health Care in Nashua, New Hampshire. When that agency closed last June, she was alerted to the Director of Wellness position at Youville Place and drawn to the possibility of continuing to serve as part of a Covenant Health organization.
“It seemed like a perfect fit,” she says. “I’ve had a lot of experience working with older adults – before joining St. Joseph’s, I was Resident Care Director at Benchmark Senior Living. I love the culture at Youville Place – the residents are positive and upbeat, and everybody here has their own story. I feel that getting to know those stories is an essential part of serving our residents. It will take time though. Right now I’m still learning everyone’s names!” 
Carlino brings a wide range of interests to her work with older adults. In addition to the personal human connections she values, she is passionate about incorporating fitness and exercise into an overall wellness strategy. 
“In my spare time I am working toward becoming a certified health coach,” she says. “Broadly speaking this means I would help other people to become motivated and initiate their first steps toward 
getting in shape. I’m very interested in the challenge of convincing people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I hope to apply what I learn in this training to my work with residents.”
Carlino’s professional interest in physical fitness spills over into her personal hobbies, which include hiking, cycling and kickboxing. She used to be a kickboxing instructor with her own home studio, and has even incorporated kickboxing elements into workouts she has led with older adults.
When she’s not exercising, Carlino is interested in design, collage, drawing, cooking and all aspects of 
creativity. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her experience and talents to Youville Place. “I feel grateful and blessed to be here.  When you come down to it, the Covenant mission is essentially about doing the right thing. We have so many wonderful employees here that enact that mission, every day.”