What's One Red Paper Clip Worth?

Harvard Graduate Students Team up with Youville HouseThe Red Paper Clip Trading Team: Gatien Bon, Divya Varma, Mali Granot, James "JT" Merchant

In 2005, a Canadian named Kyle McDonald, with one red paper clip at his disposal, began a series of trades that resulted in him owning a house.  Click here to watch a brief video on Kyle's remarkable story, the basis for a project being undertaken by a team of graduate students from the Harvard Kennedy School. Starting with one red paper clip, the four students will trade progressively, their final trade resulting in a special gift for Youville House from the residents' wish list. 

These students need your participation!

You can help make this goal a reality for Youville House. For the process to work, the trading team needs a steady influx of trade offers. The trading will range from concrete items to abstract services - so you can let your imagination run wild. 
Please make an offer! 
The trading process is already underway. Don't miss out on the chance to participate in this exciting project - make your offer soon! Offers may include appliances, antiques, works of art, tickets to a performance, professional consulting, access to a vacation rental, a free class, a backstage tour, you name it!  If your offer works for the trading team, they will offer you a trade in return.
Please contact the trading team to make an offer and track their project:  http://jjacmerchant.wordpress.com/ 
The project is exciting on many levels, not the least of which will be the twists and turns of all the trades necessary to reach a final result that directly benefits Youville. We hope you will join the fun and be part of a real social experiment!